Nigeria is struggling with democracy demands. Unresolved national issues continue to drain the strength of her limited resources.

Past mismanagement hurt Nigeria image. Dishonesty, fraud (PTDF) and corruption (419 Scam) are pushing Nigerians to question the merit of the "ONE NIGERIA" slogan.

Recently, Africannight Organization (Prince Shadrach Banigo-Economist) conducted a worldwide survey based on the "One Nigeria" motto as a symbol of Nigeria unity.

A March poll found most of those surveyed have a negative perception of Nigeria unity.

On the positive side, one group cited the political war between the Vice President of Nigeria and the Independent National Electoral Commission as a good example of Nigeria trying to preserve the "One Nigeria" image.

They praised the INEC for taking the hardest risk to move Nigeria forward by disqualifying the Vice President from contesting the office of the presidency.

They maintained that elected officials, including the presidency (who loved his chicken) abused their offices under a well-protected guideline (the 1999 constitution).

On the negative side, a group argued that since "ONE NIGERIA" stand for services to the people and its essence is trust, Nigerians are completely shot-off from those benefits.

They blamed the "One Nigeria" idea for the increased level of fraud (the presidency is a share subscriber of a public entity but not a shareholder) and corruption. Furthermore, they cited how officials inject physical and psychological pain to citizens with no regard to the rule of law.

Their affirmation that the" One Nigeria" slogan allowed very few Nigerians to a higher privilege is echoed by another group in Europe.

This group believed that making adjustment from past mistake would better serve the "One Nigeria" image.

They caution politicians to serve because Nigerians must defend their rights and protect their freedoms as individuals and as community anywhere any place. "Nigerians expect good governance", they warned.

A Professor of Political Science questioned the merit of the "One Nigeria" stuff. He pointed out that every day; Nigerians face the challenge of harnessing poor management that have ruined many lives.

"Too many citizens are upsetting with the way these semi-god is defining Nigeria". The good Professor cited how citizens raised in some part of the country is forbidden for it quality of life (The Niger Delta).

A group (women) from South Africa stated that detachment from equal acceptance for some citizens of Nigeria does not represent the "One Nigeria" image, but rather discriminate in it purest term.

They pointed out how the so-called "Outcasts" of Ibo tribe and Women are not entitled to equal opportunity in Nigeria.

A Social-Cultural group from the Far East was perhaps more direct. This group wonders how Nigeria can defend the merit of the "One Nigeria" motto with all the violation of human rights under her hood.

They accused Nigeria politicians of being paranoid and out of touch with reality. Hum. Are they remnants of African Zombies?

Thanks for the survey responses. Your answers show how important Nigerians are committed to keep the "One Nigeria" image alive. It all comes down to protecting your beloved fatherland. Moreover, a warning that you will stop at nothing to promote fatherland image.

This come as interesting as many Nigerians who love democracy could not imagine why so many bad happenings around the country.

In my recent outing, I was told by concern Nigerians that politicians need to do more to justify the "One Nigeria" motto.

This is a critical time for Nigerians. Those in the distributions and services of public goods have the responsibility to protect the "One Nigeria" image. Thing is, for the Electoral Commission to show maturity, Nigerians expect higher level of trust.

This concern has been elevated due to several factors; including but not limited to political violence (killing), favoritism and tribalism before the 2007 general election.

However, as tragic as this concern is, Nigerians hope and pray for a free and fair election. The " One Nigeria" slogan have thrived simply on the fact that Nigerians have been there for her, and I hope and pray that they keep the good company after the election. Nigerians want to start living again.

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Prince Shadrach Banigo